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If you think you may have stumbled across asbestos in your home better leave it alone --asbestos poses a serious health risk if it is inhaled in its dust like form. But asbestos is only a threat if the material has become disturbed in a way that produces the harmful dust containing asbestos fibers. Asbestos can actually be found in many homes but is only a threat to the health of the inhabitants if damaged. Indoor cement sheets often contain asbestos as well as some ceiling tiles, unless damaged or torn in some way these are no risk to your health. If the asbestos containing material in your home has not been damaged and appears intact --the safest option is to simply leave it be. To avoid any problems in the future from catching you off guard, conduct a thorough inspection every so often to ascertain the condition of the asbestos containing materials. As you examine each material ask yourself the following questions: -Does this material show signs of damage or can it be left a


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