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About Panther Pest Control

We at Panther Pest Control are dedicated to providing the absolute highest quality termite and pest control services in the business. Ranging from house fly, fleas, rats, cockroaches, mice, spiders, wasps, flies, blowflies, bird mites, dust mites, mosquitoes, fermentation flu, rice weevil, biscuit beetle, rodents, bed bugs, grain beetle, to ants. our experts can do away with all these pests.Panther Pest Control is a local company running its pest control services all across Brisbane for last two decades. We are loved not for what we do but how we do it. We are remembering for not just our matchless prices but excellent results too. When we give you guarantee of a result, we make sure you get the same result.Ours is a licensed and certified company delivering reliable pest control services at the lowest prices in Brisbane. Clients health and safety are of major importance to us. The services are designed keeping these in mind for both residential and commercial locations. The cockroaches get attracted to the gel and once they have consumed the gel, they increase the contamination to other cockroaches. Within a week the results are clear and the cockroaches/ants are completely eliminated within 3 weeks.


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