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Our Trivia is the ultimate in entertainment packages! They are jam-packed with 2 hours of brain teasers, general knowledge trivia questions, categorised trivia questions, TV clips, picture rounds, sound clips and much more. Our Trivia packages are stimulating, addictive and enjoyable. This is what we supply: A complete game pack with instructions, picture rounds, music rounds, trivia questions, booklets, score cards, puzzles to do in breaks and much more All your marketing materials including posters, flyers, coasters and table talkers Fresh, ever-changing categories to keep your patrons coming back Ongoing support and advice whenever you need it How it works Hosting a trivia night works like this: The host reads out the questions and gives out pictures rounds (as well as brain teasers) to players who are formed in teams Each team works together to answer the questions and they write their answers in the booklets At the end of each round, the answers are collected, marked and scores tallied The team with the highest score after six rounds wins


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